Main Season Production
June 3-19, 2022

References to Salvadore Dalí Make Me Hot
By José Rivera
Directed by Miguel Martinez

Dates: June 3-19, 2022
Times: Fri-Sat 7:30pm; Sun 2pm
Tickets: $24, $19

References captures a few critical days in the lives of Gabriela, a lonely army wife, and her husband Benito, who has just returned from the field. The small cast and setting belie the play's historical depth, as it comes on the tail of the First Persian Gulf War. To a modern audience, Benito's insistence that the war is over is ironic and his echoes of PTSD are painfully relevant today. Benito and Gabriela also evoke the specific relationship between the Latino communities and the U.S. Army, adding another layer to Rivera's work. Most centrally, however, remains the question of their marriage. Can you live with someone who's lost what you fell in love with? Can you expect someone to stay as what you know when you've changed, too?

Featuring Marcus Ivey (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter) as Benito, and Kim Gleason (Artistic Director of Two Worlds Theatre) as Gabriela, Darryl de Loach (Top Dog – Underdog) as Coyote, Banx Tenoria as Martin, Catalina as Cat, and Henrique Valdovinos as the Moon. Miguel Martinez (Ubu Roi, The Exonerated) directs.

Director Martinez says, "I love the combination of magical realism and contemporary issues that Rivera balances in this play. The diversity of the cast makes the play even more interesting, as words and reality collide."

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