Staged Readings

The staged reading series presents works-in-progress for playwrights developing new scripts. This allows the playwright to hear the words come off the page to the stage. Selected plays are assigned a director who casts the play and negotiates attendance at rehearsals and possible re-writes, if any, with the director.

Audiences can expect actors to read from scripts-in-hand during the performance. Other production elements, including sound, lighting, costumes, and sets, is minimal. Many times, after the reading, the audience is invited to provide feedback about the play to help guide further development of the script.

Staged readings are FREE and open to the public. Reservations are not available. All seating is first-come-first-serve, so arrive early for the best selection of seats. The house opens 30 minutes prior to the start of the reading.

Staged Reading

By Edward deBuvitz

Dates: December 11, 2022
Times: Sun 6pm
Tickets: FREE

Parakeet feeding on Sunflower, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Photo by Rangan Datta Wiki through Wikimedia Commons

When Willard's father tells him he must live with an uncle and aunt on a farm Willard makes the decision to run away. On his way out of town Willard stops at the cemetery to say goodbye to his deceased younger brother. It is there he meets Miranda who is attempting to recapture her mother's parakeet. Their conversation reveals troubled lives and events that have caused them to be alienated from theirfamilies and the world

FREE, Open to the public, reservations not required.

Staged Reading