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45 weeks a year, a company of actors, directors, designers and technicians arrive at 2900 Carlisle Blvd NE or the NHCC or the NM Veterans Memorial Park to create quality live theater. 2020 will mark the 44th time that the sawdust will fly while the racks fill with costumes, the perfect prop is sought and the lights are hung by the Vortex. Audiences will attend more than 140 performances of 13 shows that will make them laugh, cry and sometimes cry with laughter.

Yet, there is so much more happening at the theater than what you see onstage. Sets, costumes and props are designed and built or sourced. The rights to perform a show title must be obtained and paid for. The shows are advertised throughout the city and state. The staff answers phones and sells tickets year-round. Finally, a unique building must be maintained.

Each season, 13,000 patrons from across the city see our shows. We have a Pay What You Will performance for each of our Carlisle Theatre productions, making our productions easily accessible to everyone. We take performances of Shakespeare to more than 1500 mid and high school students. We present literature-based performance programs for elementary school children in the Albuquerque Libraries. Many of these children are experiencing live theater for the very first time. And the Vortex produces two of Shakespeare's plays at the New Mexico Veteran's Memorial Park, available to the public at no charge each June.

This year, we will focus our 9 Main Stage (Carlisle Blvd) productions on Women Playwrights. We've selected a play written 400 years ago and a play written last year, and everything in between—comedies, dramas, classics, cutting edge—all the choices you can count on at the Vortex. Plus, We will present Hamlet and Twelfth Night at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial and Kiss of the Spiderwoman at the NHCC.

We can't do this without your help. Ticket sales cover less than 60% of the cost of presenting a season at the theater. It is your generosity that allows the Vortex to create the quality productions that you know and love and expect to see on the stage. Support of the theater also strengthens an organization that generates economic activity in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County. Making a donation to the 2019 Annual Campaign at any level ensures that the stage is lit next season and that we are one year closer to our 50th season.

I invite you to create theater with us by making a donation today. Thank you for keeping the arts alive in the City of Albuquerque.

Marc Comstock, President of the Board
Leslee Richards, Development Chair

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We are always looking for equipment & consumable supplies. If you have an item to spare, we can provide a good home. Please call us at 505-247-8600 or send an email to

Thank you!

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