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Trevor (Auditions)
February 5-6, 2022

Audition details...
Audition times:
Saturday, February 5, 2022 12 noon
Sunday, February 6, 2022 12 noon

Trevor by Nick Jones
Directed by Pete Parkin

Inspired by true events, Trevor is a subversive comedy about fame, success, and the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep people from taking away an erratic, 200-pound chimpanzee. At the center of this hilarious and heart-wrenching play are two individuals fighting against a world unable to understand their love: Trevor, a chimpanzee who once performed in commercials with the likes of Morgan Fairchild, and his owner Sandra, who swears he would never hurt a least not on purpose. A moving exploration of family, flawed communication, and humor. The chimpanzee characters will not be in monkey suits - they must be capable of excellent physical acting.

The play has a planned live opening on April 22, 2022 for a 3 week run. All actors must be fully vaccinated.

Looking for:
An 11 year old chimpanzee whose on camera commercial career is fading. And he doesn't like it.
A 56 year old widow and Trevor's Mom.
33, the next door neighbor, she fears for her young child. JIM
The county Sheriff. 40ish.
Another chimp, known to be quite successful, and often well dressed. He is first seen in a white tuxedo.
20-30 The doubling is not for convenience, but serves to illustrate how these characters are interchangeable in Trevor’s mind. Non White
50's, or so. Blond starlet. Likes to laugh.
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