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Opens Feb 9, 2023:


By James Fritz

Directed by Kendra Rickert

Lava revolves around a catastrophic event and its effect on survivors. It has humor, warmth and healing. Kendra Rickert is a LA-trained, Albuquerque-based director.

The play explores the difference between being tangibly sad due to the loss of a loved one as opposed to a general sadness that one feels as a result of all the massive problems occurring in the world. Why are some people able to express why they are sad while others can't and is one more valid than the other? How, as friends, as family, and as a community can we support each other in our times of grief? What is it to be a true friend to someone who is suffering? Lava brings up all these questions in a way that will delight the audience with its humor and joy. I am impressed with how well James Fritz has been able to weave humor into such serious subject matter as collective world trauma.

February 9-26, 2023. Thu-Sat 7:30pm; Sun 2pm.

Tickets: $24, $19.

PWYW: Feb 12, 2023

Talkback: Feb 19, 2023

Staged Reading: Gilgamesh By Lauren Dusek Albonico

March 18, 2023 Sat 3pm

Gilgamesh is a new adaptation of the world's earliest known piece of written literature: the ancient Sumerian Epic of King Gilgamesh. The play explores how Gilgamesh must come to terms with his own mortality and what he will leave behind. At the same time, it follows two contemporary archaeologists faced with the meaning and fecundity of their own relationship and existence.

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Staged Reading: Camp Wonder By Vicki Meagher

February 12, 2023 Sun 6pm

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