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Final Week:

A Day at the Rusty Arms

By Susan Erickson

Directed by David Richard Jones

The Vortex Theatre hosts the world premiere of A Day at the Rusty Arms a comedy in one act lasting slightly more than an hour about three characters who live in an aging apartment building, the "Rustic Arms."

Franny (Janeice Scarbrough) is an energetic, childless, now retired "young" senior citizen. Widowed 5 years ago, she is eager to find a new purpose in life. Together with her best friend Malcolm (Frederick Ponzlov), who shares Franny's literary-theatrical backgrounds, they have developed an activist project, the Senior Corps, which they want to pitch to the town's hot young mayor. Risa, their collaborator in the pitch (Angelina Ortiz), disappears into the city because of a strange condition in which she acts out her dreams. Franny and Malcolm look for meaningful activity and worry about Risa, as Risa's experiences become more and more fantastical and hilarious. The story ends happily—more or less—for all three characters.

April 16-25, 2021. Fri-Sat 7:30pm; Sun 2pm.

Tickets: FREE.

Virtual run extended for Remembering Darwin

Posted: April 14, 2021.
Did you miss Remembering Darwin? The "virtual run" for this production has been extended and the video will remain available on YouTube for the foreseeable future. See this historically-based production, written and directed by Brian Hansen, at

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