Front of House Schedule

Front-of-House (FOH) volunteers assist other theatre patrons by staffing the box office or selling concessions before each performance and during intermission.

FOH volunteers are one of our most valued resources. If you are already a FOH volunteer: Thank You! If you would like to become a Front of House volunteer, please submit the Volunteer Preferences form. It's a great way to meet new people, see Vortex shows, and experience what the Vortex has to offer.

To request a position, click one of the available positions below, or send a message to our Office Manager ( Or you may leave a message at 505-247-8600.


To Volunteer for this position, enter your email address and click the Volunteer button.


Holiday Festival


December 3, 2013


To sign up online, we must already have this email address on file. Become a Vortex Volunteer at
Show Date & Time Box Office Concessions Extra Help Board Rep
The Lady in… 3-3-2017 7:30pm - Fri Pam Krug George Abernathy Mary Rossman
The Lady in… 3-4-2017 7:30pm - Sat Kristi Gore Brenda Hasman Heather Donovan
The Lady in… 3-5-2017 2pm - Sun Sharon Moran Ninette Mordaunt Click to Volunteer
The Iceman C… 3-16-2017 7pm - Thu jamie wynter Teresa Lopez David Jones
The Iceman C… 3-17-2017 7pm - Fri Kristi Gore Jenette Isaacson Click to Volunteer
The Iceman C… 3-18-2017 7pm - Sat Frank Fine Rosalie Nava Leslee Richards
The Iceman C… 3-19-2017 2pm - Sun Steve Wood Brenda Hasman Click to Volunteer
The Iceman C… 3-24-2017 7pm - Fri Kristi Gore brigid smith Peter Kierst
The Iceman C… 3-25-2017 7pm - Sat Kristi Gore Teresa Lopez Heather Donovan
The Iceman C… 3-26-2017 2pm - Sun Bud Shafer Ann Racehorse Ed Kjeldgaard
The Iceman C… 3-31-2017 7pm - Fri Linda Sklov Angela Valdez Gary D'Lamater
The Iceman C… 4-1-2017 7pm - Sat Click to Volunteer Susan Erickson David Jones
The Iceman C… 4-2-2017 2pm - Sun Nancy Stone Pam Krug Click to Volunteer
The Iceman C… 4-7-2017 7pm - Fri Kristi Gore Michelle Yegerlehner Click to Volunteer
The Iceman C… 4-8-2017 7pm - Sat Valeria Rios Lee Kitts Heather Donovan
The Iceman C… 4-9-2017 2pm - Sun Cyndy Noll Christy Lopez Bridget S. Dunne